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Comprehensive Eye Examination 

"The Number 1 preventor of common vision loss problems is having regular eye checks". 

The most important thing you can do for your eyes is have regular eye tests. We bulk bill through Medicare or Veterens Affairs with an additional fee for digital retinal image, or a purely contact-lens only consultation.

At Sturdee Eyes, our team are committed to ensuring each time you visit us is tailored to your specific needs. In order to provide you with the best care, our eye examinations are longer and in-depth, allowing time to understand your lifestyle and your vision concerns, then checking your visual accuity, visual function and the health of your eye. Following the test the optometrist will recommend a solution to assist any problems, and curate a plan when to check your eyes again.

We set our recall to send you a text, email or letter when you are next due. This is essential in early detection of common eye conditions that can occur particularly later in life, and monitoring any changes each time you visit us. It is recommended you ask any family members if they have eye conditions in particular glaucoma or macula degeneration. Unless sooner, you should have your eyes checked every 2 years, and every 12 months if you are over 65.

Children's Vision

Your child's eyes constantly develop as they grow from newborns to teenagers. It is important to have their eyes checked before they start school, or if you notice any unsual visual problems at an earlier age. We recommend your child have their eyes checked every 2 years to ensure no problems go undetected, as sometimes they are unaware that their may be an issue with their visual development. We have a range of children's best selling brands including Tomato Glasses and Nano Vista as well as many others such as Nike Kids and Domani Petite.

Myopia Control

Short-sightedness (termed Myopia) in children increasing in Australia and globally, due to an increase in the amount of near-sighted work at school and on digital devices. Sturdee Eyes have extensive experience with a range of different options to assist with myopia control, and recently became one of the first optometrist to be accredited in prescribing the Hoya Myopia Control Lens "MiyoSmart" with ground breaking lens technology. Book a bulk-billed appointment with one of our optometrists to to discuss childrens vision and your myopia control options.

For more information on myopia control click here:

My Kids Vision

MiyoSmart by Hoya Vision

Additional Services 

Digital Retinal Imagery

Our retinal camera takes a photo of the back of your eye to help assist in detecting and monitoring eye conditions such as macular degeneration, hypertension, glaucoma and diabetes. The camera gives an instant image of your retina allowing the optometrist to examine on the spot and discuss their findings with you during your test. For people with existing conditions, or small pupils, we will usually put a drop in your eye which takes 10 minutes to dilate your pupil, in order to get a wider view of the back of your eye. We charge a fee for the digital retinal imagery.  

Contact Lens Consultations

If you are interested in contact lenses we can begin the process to find a contact lens that suits your needs. There are many different brands and styles on the market, such as daily lenses, fortnightly or monthly lenses. The process begins with an initial test, practice putting them in and out and a guide to caring for contact lens wear. Following the test we will order you a trial set of contacts for you to take home and wear in your every day life, then an after-care appointment to check your eyes have adjusted to the contact lenses before ordering a supply. Unfortunatley Medicare do not offer a rebate for contact lens consultations unless your prescription is significantly high. The fee for a contact lens consultation is $65, and after-care appointment is $35.  

Post-Operative Care (LASIK) 

Our optometrists are accredited for pre-lasik assessment and post operative care. Unfortunately Medicare do not cover post-operative care so a fee will incur.