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Your Children & Their Eyes

The Eyes of Our Children by Zeiss

The newborn's eyes are beaming, a smile brightens up its face - those are among the most amazing moments for a mother as she holds her baby in her arms. At this stage, the baby's eyes are still developing and cannot fully identify its surroundings. Our little ones all have to learn how to walk and talk and their eyes have to learn how to see. 


That is why it is important to know that close to 20 percent of all toddlers under the age of four  do in fact suffer from vision problems. This, however is not a cause for concern: modern children's glasses can help your child's vision skills improve. We have a range of children's eyewear in store, the most popular being Tomato Glasses which come with the ability to make several adjustments to help the frame grow with your child. 


At Sturdee Eyes we are dedicated to providing the best and most supportive care for your child and recommend if you are ever concerned to book in for an eye test, your child is never too young for us to monitor their progress! We work with local paediatric opthalmologists. 


The main signs to look out for in younger children that may be indications of an eye problem are:

  • Clearly visible and permanent strabismus (cross-eyed)
  • Anankastic (obsessive-compulsive) holding of the head at an incline
  • Strikingly large eyes
  • Avoidance of light or failure to respond to light
  • Obsessive rubbing of the eyes with fingers and grimacing
  • Turning of the eyes without zooming in on anything
  • Missing of objects the child is grasping for


To view the full article on children's vision by our lens partner and leading vision experts at Carl Zeiss click here 

Zeiss proud partner